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The Benefits of Home Care vs A Care Home

When a loved one needs care or assisted living, it can be a real struggle knowing where to start, what kinds of care are available to choose from and how to choose the right care?

A common query we are often asked is, ‘what are the benefits of home care vs. a care home?’ A sensible and necessary question to ask when choosing the right care for you or your loved ones. 

As an independent, family-run home care service operating in seaside town, Bournemouth (Dorset UK), we have selected what we feel, are key benefits (among many) of choosing home care versus care home.

Before we start however, it is important to discuss your shortlist of care options with family members and a healthcare professional to make sure that these are the best options for you or your loved one depending on their capabilities, safety and general health.

The Benefits of Home Care

Personalised & Centred Care

Care in your own home means care just for you. Your care will be tailored to suit your needs and you will be your assigned carer's sole focus during scheduled home visits as oppose to sharing it a group of other people. 

You will build a sense of companionship with your carer knowing that on scheduled visits, it’ll be solely based around making you comfortable and healthy in your own home with friendly conversations. These conversations are imperative  in avoiding one of the biggest anxieties for most elderly people: loneliness.

Loneliness is a massive issue among seniors that can have devastating results; but all avoided with a personal carer.

You and your carer  will get to know each other in  the first week of care, learning  how you like things done in your own home such a cleaning, washing up, tidying etc so you feel more like you’ve got a pair of helping hands instead of losing the ability to carry out your day-to-day routines.

Preserving Independence

Like loneliness, losing independence in seniors can also have negative impact on life fulfilment and the soul in general.    This brings us    back to our previous point that home care is like having a pair of helping hands to help you maintain your home, carry out daily chores and make sure that your social life is all fulfilled.

You can live in your own home with Dementia or any other condition knowing that you still have some control over aspects of your life whereas Care Homes although most allow a sense of independence, due to large groups of seniors to look after, do have a routine in place.

Depending on any medical conditions, you are still able to   pop out  or wait to head out with your carer (and based on your pre-arranged care plan) which is a huge part of preserving independence; knowing you are still able to go out of the house    as and when.

You can even choose your own care schedule! So you can request care through the week at a time you feel suits you. Wonderful!

Maintain Relationships with Friends & Family

Having care at home means you can, perhaps more than being in a care home, be more accessible,    near to your friends and your loved ones (even your neighbour!) so you can catch up more often than scheduled visits in a care home if you are more comfortable and able in your own  home. 

Your family and friends won’t have to travel far to see you, and equally, you won’t have to miss out on events or give up your social life.

If you are active and known within your   local community, you can also maintain relationships or take part in community projects, events etc       too! This all links back to the benefits of keeping up social fulfilment and maintaining independence.

Surrounded by Home Comforts

This is an obvious one, but we’re looking at the benefits of living in your own home - not just stating the obvious.

Being in your own home is great for the mind, specially in Seniors who feel like things are getting away from them or the worry that they will have to leave the things they love most and feel most like home.

With home care, you can be anxiety-free knowing that you can still be around the things you love, in the home you love - not to mention you can keep up your favourite hobbies!

A not-so-obvious benefit of living in your own home with home care, is that you are also surrounded by your beloved memories. Particularly beneficial for someone living with Dementia for example, can be confusing or stressful at the best of times but living somewhere familiar with familiar surroundings, can help with memory loss.

Not to mention you can go to sleep in your own, wonderful bed for a peaceful night sleep!

Home Care Can Be Cost Effective

Believe it or not, depending on the care plan arranged (time, amount of care needed etc), home care can be a cost effective alternative to care homes which can relieve the financial pressures  often felt across the whole family.

Depending on your home care provider, your plan can be flexible and up for discussion.   With this in mind,   you might find getting through to  and having a conversation with a Registered Manager of your home care provider, much easier than in a care home.

It is definitely worth look at and discussing home care as your ideal care solution.

Why  is Home Care Personalised?

We understand that every person is different with different care needs and desires. Here at FraserCare we pride ourselves on delivery personalised care from our team of passionate carers.

Here at FraserCare Homecare we   offer the below home care services:
  • Daily care
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Dementia Home Care

And we offer a 7-Day Free Trial to welcome new clients!

We hope you have found this article useful and informative about the many benefits home care services.If you feel like you would like to discus the topics we have covered here today and discuss a care plan for you or someone you know, do no hesitate to contact our Registered Manager Rhian directly on 01202 064325 or book an appointment online here.

We'll look  forward to answer any questions you might have about home care.

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