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What Care Is The Best For Me?

I believe most people who require care find it difficult to find the right service. It’s like the hospital, we need hospitals, but it’s a shock and heart sinking to find out we need a long term stay at one. In addition, care is often not covered by the NHS or the local authority (the local council) and this can make people reluctant to start the process of getting help.

If you’ve never used the social care sector before you probably know that you can live in a care home or alternatively you can have care workers come to you in your home. In addition to these main categories they further subdivide. Take a look at the categories of services below to see which one best suit your preferences.

Domiciliary Care (often called Home Care provided by a Home Care Agency):

Hour-by hour (visiting) Service

This is where care workers come into your home and help you at certain times of the day. Most people using home care only need one care worker but if you require the use of a hoist you will need two care workers for each visit. The care worker comes to your home to help you with anything from washing, bathing, dressing & medication to doing your laundry. Some services, in addition to personal care will also provide care for pets, errand running, transport and many more that you require (this is the type of home care service FraserCare Services provides!)

Typically, people choose hour by hour if they need a helping hand at home but do not need to be constantly supervised. The care worker helps the client get ready (even taking them to appointments if needed) and leaves them to enjoy the rest of their day. People also use hour-by- hour services if they need significant assistance but wish to stay in their own home      by having     several visits a day. This is a great option as staying in your own home is thought to be better for your well-being and is usually significantly cheaper than staying in a care home.

Sleep-in Service: 

This is where a care worker will stay with you overnight if you feel unsafe. This service is not hourly, typically it is only expected that the care worker helps you get ready for bed and then maybe helps a couple of times during the night, but otherwise sleeps. (FraserCare Services also does a sleep-in service!)

Live-in Care:

This is where a care worker will live with you at your home. Usually you will need to have a spare bedroom for the care worker to stay in of course. It varies from agency to agency   but   usually a live-in care worker will stay with you for two weeks and then swap with another care worker for another two weeks.    Live-in Care is a great option for people who have high needs and either need to be constantly supervised or need 1-1 care but wish to stay in their own homes. Live-in care is quite expensive and can in some instances be more expensive than a care home (care home prices vary greatly of course). 

Fraser Care Services does not provide live-in care.   FraserCare Services provides all-in quality home care in Bournemouth as either an hourly service or sleep ins, call us today to see how we can help you!

Care Homes:

Residential Home: 

Most residents are relatively fit but either cannot cope with or do not want the hassle of running a household. They are free to leave and during the day doors are not locked. Residents may have significant mobility problems ranging from needing help to stand up or requiring the use of a hoist. Any health problems in this setting can be managed by care workers or the resident themselves (working with appropriate health care professionals).

Dementia Secure Unit:

Residents are living with a form of dementia (such as Alzheimer’s or Vascular Dementia) ranging from mild to severe. Residents in these facilities are not allowed to leave (there are usually keypad codes to the doors) and are under a Deprivation of Liberty Order. Health problems will be closely monitored by care workers and health care professionals including mental health teams.

Nursing Home:

Residents require the care of a Registered Nurse on a more regular basis than the NHS can provide, for example PEG feeding or administering medications only a Registered Nurse can administer.

It is important to remember that there is a shortage of places in most of these settings, the pressures on the social care sector-much like the NHS are immense. Due to these pressures there is often a blending of resident demographics particularly between residential and dementia secure unit care homes. 

Due to the high rate of dementia (1 in 3 over the age of 85) there is often not enough places at Dementia Secure Units. This may be due to homes being at full capacity, or not being in the local authority’s budget. In addition, people can develop dementia in a residential setting and they themselves, family or professionals feel it is best not to move. This results in a high proportion of residential homes having a significant number of residents with dementia.   FraserCare Services provides all-in quality home care in Bournemouth as either an hourly service or sleep ins, call us today to see how we can help you!

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For advice from the NHS visit:    https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-care-and-supp...

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