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    Dementia Support

    Dementia Support 

    Living with dementia or supporting a loved one with dementia can be daunting and it can be difficult to know what support is available and how to help.

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    What is Dementia?

    You’ve probably heard of Dementia in the news, it is now the UK’s biggest killer and costs the economy approximately 23 billion pounds a year, but what is it? 

    Dementia is an umbrella or collective term to describe a collection of degenerative brain diseases for which the effects are irreversible, there is no cure and little treatment.

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    What Care Is The Best For Me?

    I believe most people who require care find it difficult to find the right service. It’s like the hospital, we need hospitals, but it’s a shock and heart sinking to find out we need a long term stay at one. In addition, care is often not covered by the NHS or the local authority (the local council) and this can make people reluctant to start the process of getting help.

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